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NEW SINGLE, "Compensation", coming out on JULY 16TH! This will be the final single of the "Shadow & Fire" EP! 

***Due to COVID-19, many of my shows are being cancelled. I'm doing my very best to reschedule them for as soon as possible but because of the uncertainty of how long the virus will persist, it may take a little time to confirm new dates. I will certainly continue to keep my website including my show schedule updated, so feel free to check back here anytime. I hope all of you are taking good care of yourselves, looking out for one another, and staying safe and healthy. 

My first single of 2020 from the Shadow & Fire EP called "Under The Weather Vol. I", is NOW AVAILABLE on the platform of your choice! Check out the Spotify link here:

Click the links for my latest singles on Spotify.. 

"Whiskey Lips": and "Got It?":

Be sure to keep an eye on my tour schedule. 2020 has already gotten off to an adventurous and productive start. So much to look forward to this year.. 

You can find the "Whoa" EP on digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Musicload, Google Play, and more.   




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